Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing...The CHiCs!

Time to break out the pink controllers, cause the Gamer CHiCs have come together, ready to kick a little butt, break a few hearts, and snack on a few favorite munchies! Their online and ready for some action. No matter what system you got, they are specialized in! So enough chatter lets meet our first CHiC!

So starting off our first CHiC is........


She might has a sweet smile, but ppl beware this CHiC has a sharp tongue and a wicked aim to go with it! She is AMAZING with PC games has a fast click when it comes to that mouse. When  head set is on she will be the first to say what she thinks.
Specialty: PC games
Games: COD: Black Ops and Modern Warfare, Left4Dead 2, Sims 3, Dead Space, Shogun 2.

So CHiC number 2........

 Those glasses arnt just to look smart, behind that is a wicked brain! She is the first to come up with affective strategies. She is the first to find new games, and the first to know all the ins and outs. She is also the healer in any game. Your down, she will be right there to help you right up.
Specialty:  PS2 &3 and PC
Games: World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy(has played them all) COD:Modern Warfare

And last but not least........

 Leader of the CHiCs. She is the first into battle and the last to die. If there is a breach or someone has left their post, she is there to pick up the slack. You will find her getting the latest games and the first to test it out. And even crazier, she uses invert as her look vision.(its were down is up, and up is down) With a killer aim, she is one tough cookie!
Specialties: Xbox 360 and PC
Games: Call of Duty: Black Ops & Modern Warfare,                              Bioshock1-2, Halo1-3, Left4Dead 1-2...& many more.

More on our other CHiCs will be in future post. =)

So this week, the CHiCs and I had a game night. Now as I have mentioned before each CHiC has a specialty...mine personally is the Xbox 360. Now for dark90angel she never plays the Xbox, she is always on the PC. And Nyumi13 is more of a PS3 person. I had both of them try out the Xbox and play some Zombies....needless to say Nyumi13 picked it up quite well for her first time of zombies, while poor dark90angel is just having trouble just looking with the controller, but the good thing is she rocks when it comes to the PC zombies, so I just had to coach her with the controller.

Nyumi13 and were playing. Earlier in the game she had already gone down and I had to revive her multiple times... basically I got us to level 9 on my own.

 Hope everyone will have an awesome weekend!

Happy gamming...aurora8darkangl signing off....


Zombie said...

I would have to say my favorite CHiC would have to be aurora8darkangl. When shes not online she's smart, funny, extremely supportive and can nerd out about Pokemon all the time! You might even say that I love her! :D

POP! said...

gamers everywhere!

GoGoGoViral said...


MRanthrope said...

wow, deadly female assault force!

Anonymous said...

They look different when they're playing :O

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