Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Im feeling satisfied!

Guess what time it is?!?!
Thats right COD! Now theres nothing better than being up at 2am (thats when the real gamers play) and  playing a couple of good matches! 
After many hours of banging my hand on top of my 360 and giving it a couple of good kickings I finally got it to read the disk! =D yay!!  So I can now finally satisfy my craving for some Black Ops! Which of course I did.=) So recently I have gotten to 2nd prestige lvl28 (Yes I know not that impressive, but hey I cant help I get distracted by wager matches and zombies...can you blame me??) So my partner in crime Rovolution and I decided to party it up and try to kick some butt on Capture The Flag! Our goal lately has been to get first blood and 15 captures, for Marathon Pro...which has turned up to be the biggest pain in our asses lately! Is it just me or is really a pain in the ass to get?!?! Oh and I have discovered me a new gun...Galil! Ok now before you start judgin, this gun has been getting me some pretty sweet accuracy and little kick back. So im pretty happy...but still does not replace my Commando.

Ok so I didnt do as great as Rovolution, but hey I havnt played in while! 
Over all view of our first game in a LONG while!! 
So after a few more rounds with these ppl in this lobby we moved on to wager matches where I DOMINATED!! Not to brag or anything...but basically I won too many times ppl started leaving our lobby. lol (I just jinxed myself...tomorrow im going to do crappy lol)
Here is one of our epic matches I dominated with 22 kills and 9 deaths. =D 
Well any who Im thinking I need to head up for the zombie area tomorrow. Need to get some practice in for the Zombie Apocalypse, you never know when its going to happen!

Happy Gaming!...aurora8darkangl signing off... 


Zombie said...

You were kicking so much ass last night baby! I still haven't made any captures or first bloods though. :,(
Oh well... Maybe when we play tonight we will be a little luckier! lol.

gangsignslol said...

glad you got to play, i know i need my fix

Tweeks Coffee said...

great post. following!

Patres said...

The zombie apocalypse is indeed coming and no amount of practice is too little.
Good luck!

MRanthrope said...

damn, I think you're way better than me. sort of glad we play on different system or else I'd get pwned!

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