Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hmm...decisions, decisions...

Ok sorry its been quite a while since I last posted, school mid terms are a pain!=[ Any after my total ass kicking massacre on Black Ops, I have hung up the COD for a while. (my spirit is crushed) and am ready for a new game to play! Now my Bday will be this coming month and I get the same old question every year from everyone..."what do you want for your birthday?" (and a 1 new question this year "Going to Vegas for your 21?")
Well im in dire need of a new game  so here are some things im thinking about... 
First on my list is Nintendo 3DS. I personally loved my DSi Rovolution  gave
me for my birthday last year. Maybe I'll be lucky this year. =)
What would go great with a new 3DS, a new game! 

I heard this was pretty awesome and im dying to try it out! 

I cant wait for this game to come out! Zombies are getting old in Black Ops and  Left4Dead is a
little too old, we need something new. Dead Island will be epic! 

Or maybe I should be a little more sensible. So this last Easter Weekend, as normal I hike up the mountain to have sunrise serves...well coming back down the mountain my iPhone4 fell out of my pocket and the screen landed on the only rock on the path and shattered! (I think God was mad at me for playing w/ my phone during serves) Surprisingly it works but im going to need a new phone, so maybe I should ask for a new phone. And not just any phone....
My current iPhone...=(( 
iPhone 5!!! I sooo cant wait till it comes out. I was going to get it when they released it, but now I defiantly have to. And what better time to get it free than to ask for in on my bday!=D 

The new iPhone 5!!
I'll be back on scheduled after mid terms are all done which is very soon! Thankfully! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!=) 

Happy Gaming...aurora8darkangl signing off.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WORST Game...EVER!!!!

Ok so I made this pic extra huge because I want you to take a VERY close look at the blue team. Especially their kill and death. Oh your not seeing things and it wasnt modified. 182 KILLS!! Thats right! I got my butt slaughtered...and I mean bad! They spawn trapped us and it was death after death after death. >:[ It sucked soo bad! We would just watch the kill cam so we didnt have to deal with getting killed again. So here is a little preview of what happened. 

Yeah and it was like that for over 15min! I think im seriously done with Black Ops for a very long time now. I need to find a new game....any suggestions?? 

Happy Gaming...aurora8darkangl signing off..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing...The CHiCs!

Time to break out the pink controllers, cause the Gamer CHiCs have come together, ready to kick a little butt, break a few hearts, and snack on a few favorite munchies! Their online and ready for some action. No matter what system you got, they are specialized in! So enough chatter lets meet our first CHiC!

So starting off our first CHiC is........


She might has a sweet smile, but ppl beware this CHiC has a sharp tongue and a wicked aim to go with it! She is AMAZING with PC games has a fast click when it comes to that mouse. When  head set is on she will be the first to say what she thinks.
Specialty: PC games
Games: COD: Black Ops and Modern Warfare, Left4Dead 2, Sims 3, Dead Space, Shogun 2.

So CHiC number 2........

 Those glasses arnt just to look smart, behind that is a wicked brain! She is the first to come up with affective strategies. She is the first to find new games, and the first to know all the ins and outs. She is also the healer in any game. Your down, she will be right there to help you right up.
Specialty:  PS2 &3 and PC
Games: World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy(has played them all) COD:Modern Warfare

And last but not least........

 Leader of the CHiCs. She is the first into battle and the last to die. If there is a breach or someone has left their post, she is there to pick up the slack. You will find her getting the latest games and the first to test it out. And even crazier, she uses invert as her look vision.(its were down is up, and up is down) With a killer aim, she is one tough cookie!
Specialties: Xbox 360 and PC
Games: Call of Duty: Black Ops & Modern Warfare,                              Bioshock1-2, Halo1-3, Left4Dead 1-2...& many more.

More on our other CHiCs will be in future post. =)

So this week, the CHiCs and I had a game night. Now as I have mentioned before each CHiC has a specialty...mine personally is the Xbox 360. Now for dark90angel she never plays the Xbox, she is always on the PC. And Nyumi13 is more of a PS3 person. I had both of them try out the Xbox and play some Zombies....needless to say Nyumi13 picked it up quite well for her first time of zombies, while poor dark90angel is just having trouble just looking with the controller, but the good thing is she rocks when it comes to the PC zombies, so I just had to coach her with the controller.

Nyumi13 and were playing. Earlier in the game she had already gone down and I had to revive her multiple times... basically I got us to level 9 on my own.

 Hope everyone will have an awesome weekend!

Happy gamming...aurora8darkangl signing off....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Want to become a man...Black ops can fix that!!

My Emblem (I like it somewhat simple)
Rovolution Emblem
 Yep thats right, emblems! Im sure all who play black ops have a fun time playing around trying to create some pretty creative ideas on what to make. Now for me personally, Im more of a simple yet feminine type (w/ a hint of blood), when it comes to this. Its a hit or miss out there when it comes to emblems, but I have to give credit to those who really have some creative minds. For example...Rovolution and I were playing some demolition where we ran in to this clan called [poke'] and this was their emblems.....


I have to say...not too shabby! Like the Gasly one looks some what simple but the rest look pretty hard to do! I like! Then there was one more guy who really got us mad (he was kicking our sad butts really bad) and we never called him by his real name we just simply called him......
Now I have to say out of all of them this has to be my favorite!

(this pic and the 5 above were all taken from matches I played the rest are from research)

Ok,  im sure you are all wondering by now is why did she title this post as "Want to become a man..."
Well simply this....Now people who have played this game im sure you can just get into a lobby and have 40sec or so till the game starts. You have your class ready so you are just sitting waiting, so to pass time you check out other ppls emblems and what to you see on almost every single one of the emblems......
Tits, butts, and naughty areas GALORE! 

This is an example, but the G rated. (sorry guys)
p.s Do you know how hard it is to find a G rated pic.
Ok im all for the creativity but...really!! The first couple of times I will admit, I thought ppl were just creative...then became "wow thats graphic" now its just like "make something new all ready!" A little 10yr old innocent boy (why his parents bought him a M rated game is beyond me) can play this game for the first time, and walk out a man, knowing how the world really works. (that the stork sorry isnt really real)
Well thats all I have to say to that....
Was a little late this week on posting but thats cause I had a CHiC game night with a couple of good friends  hopefully I'll have a post on that soon....=)

Happy gamming...aurora8darkangl signing out...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Zombies on the BRAIN!

Could it get any better?! 
Hell ya! Its freaking ZOMBIES! Now who doesn't love a flesh eating, mindless, free roaming man...person...ummm dead person?? Well anyways, point is there is nothing better to me than a good round of zombies. Now the key thing is to get to a high round of zombies. (since its impossible to actually win it) Here are a few ticks and tips I had found out, that help me survive a good amount of rounds...

                    1. A good team: Of course you can get random ppl online when you play multiplay but the truth is most of those ppl dont talk (even if they do have a mic. on) so when they let in a zombie and you go down you want to make sure they will revive you right back up. 
                     2Communication: Once you have a good team, the key is to have communication at all times! Non stop chat of who's guarding what door or window. If there is a breach you can tell them and have some one come help you out or throw that random grenade for ya. 
                     3. Headshots: I don't think I could stress that enough! Headshots are what make a zombie go down faster. (we should all know this by now! How many zombie movies are out there??) You waste more bullets shotting them in the torso. And when you get to higher levels wasting bullets is not an option. 
                     4. Take your time: I know we all want to rush and buy all the doors, to get the better gun. But the problem is when you start opening all the doors there are just too many zombies so deal with. You need to have time to up grade guns, find the boxes and turning on the power. If things get intense just get yourself a "crawler". It allows you to take a break and restock on items. 

The highest round on this map is 23. But in this particular game it was 13, but notice how I have 45 headshots and only 2 downs.  

 Now in this particular game we had stayed in the first room for 5 rounds and then continued up stairs. We opened the next 2 doors and worked in that room till round 13, the guys that were to guard the door had a breach and right as they told me I got attacked from behind and they weren't able to revive me in time and everyone ending up going down. Now my team I was with were pretty good, they communicated well and one in particular knows exactly were things are located.(power, the good guns, up grades..ect) of course Rovolution my partner in crime was with me. Good games I must say! I was one happy gamer!=) 

Happy gaming!....aurora8darkangl signing off...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Im feeling satisfied!

Guess what time it is?!?!
Thats right COD! Now theres nothing better than being up at 2am (thats when the real gamers play) and  playing a couple of good matches! 
After many hours of banging my hand on top of my 360 and giving it a couple of good kickings I finally got it to read the disk! =D yay!!  So I can now finally satisfy my craving for some Black Ops! Which of course I did.=) So recently I have gotten to 2nd prestige lvl28 (Yes I know not that impressive, but hey I cant help I get distracted by wager matches and zombies...can you blame me??) So my partner in crime Rovolution and I decided to party it up and try to kick some butt on Capture The Flag! Our goal lately has been to get first blood and 15 captures, for Marathon Pro...which has turned up to be the biggest pain in our asses lately! Is it just me or is really a pain in the ass to get?!?! Oh and I have discovered me a new gun...Galil! Ok now before you start judgin, this gun has been getting me some pretty sweet accuracy and little kick back. So im pretty happy...but still does not replace my Commando.

Ok so I didnt do as great as Rovolution, but hey I havnt played in while! 
Over all view of our first game in a LONG while!! 
So after a few more rounds with these ppl in this lobby we moved on to wager matches where I DOMINATED!! Not to brag or anything...but basically I won too many times ppl started leaving our lobby. lol (I just jinxed myself...tomorrow im going to do crappy lol)
Here is one of our epic matches I dominated with 22 kills and 9 deaths. =D 
Well any who Im thinking I need to head up for the zombie area tomorrow. Need to get some practice in for the Zombie Apocalypse, you never know when its going to happen!

Happy Gaming!...aurora8darkangl signing off... 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wanting a quickie!!

This might become of my Xbox really soon!!! >=[ 

So today Im finally home and loving this cool ocean breeze! (I live a block from the beach) So I have 2hrs before I go to work and have been craving some COD: Black Ops! So what do I do...head over to my console (360) and turn it on, it dose it normal loading, signing in...CANT READ DISK?!?! WHAT THE??? So I turn it off...and turn back go. Then I try to open and clean the disk...the disk tray wont come out!! Now It wont read or open, so I call XBOX. I can hardly understand the guy and in the end we get the disk out, but it still wont read!! So he suggest I need to send it in, ok. Warranty finished 2weeks ago!! FML So I ask how much it will cost to get it fixed, he tells me I might as well buy a new one! Ugh!! Mind you, this xbox I have had to turn in multiple times....

 Reason #1 The famous "Ring Of Death"2x I had to return for! 

Reason #2 My Xbox Live wasnt working on my console, So i had to turn it in.

So all in pissed and wasted a good 1hr 1/2 on trying to make this thing work. =[  And I just finally unlocked some good guns. Well hopefully I can get a new one later today...or be ghetto and try to take it apart...OR have the hammer take a look at it...yeah that sounds like a better plan. =D

Happy Gaming....aurora8darkangl signing...never got to sign on 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pokemon on the mind...

Does this look a little familiar to anyone?? Thats right the game that started it all! 

Im sorry it has been far to long since I have written...BUT! I am back and have much to talk about!

So lets kick it off with a game that is known through out all gamers...thats right...POKEMON! Now I have been a huge fan of it since I was 10 (yes I was good girl and started at the rightful age of 10 when a young trainer gets their first Pokemon.) What Pokemon I choose you might ask....Charmander of course!=D I have always been a faithful and loyal Pokemon fan, trying out every game that came out and watching some episodes and movies. Yes going to admit, as the years went by I had noticed that the Pokemon began to grow and some became a little "different" but I still loved it. I'm sure you have all heard, there is a new game that has come out Pokemon: Black and White. Now as a fan I had to of course, investigate it....and im having some mixed feelings about this game. Graphics wise the game is EPIC! Going through towns and battles have never been with so much detail, especially now with the new Nintendo DS3!(come on now ppl its freaking 3D w/o the glasses!) Ok so now this is the only "Con" I have about this game. The past couple of games the Pokemon have been expanding, with some cool ones and some funky new the new Black and White have came up with some fairly decent Pokemon and...umm some pretty ridiculous new ones...Well here you can be the judge of it...

Ok this is is the fully evolve form of the starter Pokemon Oshawott...I think its not too bad.

Ok and here is Vanillaish (no I did not just make up that name) its the 2nd evolve form of Vinillite...I'm sorry I think its a little rediculous honestly. It seems as though Nintendo ran out of ideas for Pokemon and the names of them as well.
But with that said I think you should take a look at it for yourself and be the judge, here is the website for the full list of new Pokemon:
But all in all I'm really thinking about investing my money into this game and give it a try...yes there are some ridiculous new Pokemon, but hey the graphics are pretty amazing and from a couple of ppl I have heard the story line is great!
Anyways I have some more updates about my COD: Black Ops lvl up some more and have discovered new that will be featured in future postings!

Happy Gaming...aurora8darkangl signing off...
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