Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Quickie!

So normally I have a pretty hectic scheduled when it comes to the weekdays. (yes I do have a life outside of my games) But since I had 3hrs of down time I decided to take the chance of a quick game. And what game might that be? Of course COD:Black Ops....Now mind you I have recently prestige...and let me tell you, it has not been pretty when I sign on. Kinda scary actually. But today for a quick was pretty decent. Im Prestige 2 lvl 13 but during my game I leveled to 15. Iv been using Famas w/ a red dot sight, since I am so limited. Ugh frustrates me how bad I am with a low level! Once I unlock my Ak74u...Ooo ppl its soo on!! 

Well here was the score of my last match of the day...sorry hard to see but im the one highlighted blue. I had 15 kills, 17 deaths, 3 captures, 1 defend. (Played Domination) 
      -First off ppl were pretty bad, if I was on the top of my team with those stats...something is wrong w/ my teammates. lol 
Tomorrow I have a longer day so hoping for an epic game!=) 

Happy gaming...aurora8darkangl signing off... 

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